Investing in Bowling
Bowling is not a new discovery, most of the main developed countries have know it since the 1970’s.
Recently Goldman Sachs, a well known american investment bank bought one of the most important manufacturers of bowling equipment for this sporting/leisure activity, the main bowling operator in the world with more than 200 centers. Since this acquisition was made the number of centers has increased up to more than 500.

This accelerated growth patern help us reach the conclusion that an important worldwide financing group has seen bowling as a great investment. The keys of this investment and in general any investment in bowling are the following.

1 The first reason to invest in bowling is its high profitability, which in Spain reaches an average of 30% of the cash flow over costs for many years, with year to year results highly similar and predictible. That makes it a very stable investment.
2 The exploitation of a bowling center does not require neither stock maintaining nor their replacement, which decreases the financial leverage derived of these needs in other great volume bussiness such as cinemas, take away restaurants or video clubs in which they are absolutely necessary.
3 The size of a bowling center is adaptable to the population level in every city, being the most used ratio one lane per 10,000 inhabitants including the town center, although in the United States the average is one lane per 1,500 inhabitants.