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Bowling Equipment
The DAMFI Optima is the fastest machine on the market, able to attain up to 14 games per hour, with a much higher return compared with the commercialized machines on the market today. This higher productivity allows our clients to make more money per hour, which reflects directly on the final results and the return on the investment.
This increase in productivity is attained by means of an exclusive system based on a special combination of set actions and movements and the addition of new components. Consequently, the number of machanical operations that our machine's execute are reduced because of the acceleration of the machine's speed factor and its short cycles. If a gutter ball is thrown or if any one of the outer pins is knocked, our machine does not do the automatic sweep, unlike other machines on the market. On the other hand, if there is a strike, the machine's operational cycle is lowered. All this adds to the speed factor, energy savings and lower wear and tear on the machine. Additionally, our ball return system keeps pins from getting stuck in the way of the balls and allows for an easy return. This is a common problem in other machines. Because of all these improvements made on the machine, the player is able to throw his/her ball and have it returned in the shortest time possible so as to throw again.

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