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Bowling Lanes

Resistance and accessibility
In DAMFI we endeavor to offer top equipment that gives a high return. To complete our offer of simplicity, performance and high return, and with a great variety of existing equipment on the market, we recommend the DAMFI scoring system with its proven quality that perfectly fits in with the philosophy of our company.

DAMFI lanes have a thickness of 21 mm compared with our closest competitors whose lanes are 11 mm. This results in a considerable increase in durability and noise reduction which the impact of the ball causes.

The lanes are installed over a floating foundation system that works also as a sound absorber and softens the impact of balls thrown. Normally the lanes are screwed on from the top with wooden screws (over a wooden (DM) massed base.). This type of installation system is subject to continuous ball impacts, causing the screws to loosen and for the lane to also loosen its base. DAMFI lanes are the only ones that stay secure to their foundations due to screws and bolts that are inserted below the surface. Two important advantages are achieved: perfect fixing and fastening of the lanes to their foundations and a longer lasting, continuous and appealing look.