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Confección de proyectos arquitectónicos

In DAMFI we know how complicated the installation, coordination and setting up of a new bowling center can be, counting on a highly specialized technical team led by superior architects. We offer a wide range of options to adapt to the needs of each client, from the beginning of the project, the planning of the site, to the interior design, and construction planning, technical reports, projects to be carried out, instructions for the center's construction, and obtaining necessary licenses.

It's difficult for the investor to confront the investment and then have to worry about everything involved in the set up of a center with a project of this size. In DAMFI we offer to solve all of this for you, our client.

Our aims and objectives are directed towards having Entertainment Centers that are specialized in fun and amusement for the whole family. We give practical, money-saving, effective advice, based on our years of experience, keeping in mind each center's different location and place in the market, adapting accordingly to attain the expected return on the investment. Good planning and architecture shouldn't necessarily be costly and that's the way we, and our group of architects, view it. Through good planning and design of the site, a careful selection of materials used (always keeping costs in mind, without neglecting the need to have a pleasant environment) result in an attractive center that invites the customer to enter, stay inside and return.

Planning of the center