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Automatic scoring systems

Our automatic scoring system has unique features for the player and also for the operator. It has a wide variety of moving graphics and sound that accompanies and adds to the enjoyment of the game. More than just speeding up the game, thanks to the rapid control and exact scoring of each player, it also offers added funcionality such as giving the speed of the ball, different colors on the screen each time a new game begins, a zoom (photo) of the active player, spare maker, accumulated score, printout of the games bowled in normal paper, the addition of the photo on the screen when the ball was thrown, the automatic start of the next game, etc. The operator has the choice of sending messages to specific lanes, combining different color letters, background and font. Also, commercial advertising and/or special promotions can be added to pop up automatically at given times, to be able to control the frequency and the number of games played, automatic pricing with a yearly calendar inserted, with an unlimited control of operations, the coming and going of employees on shifts by means of fingerprints, multiple operations - such as billiards, etc.
Easy installation and maintenance